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Current regions in Istion.

Welcome to the Istion WikiEdit

Welcome to the Istion Wiki. Istion is a collaborative conworlding project by members of the Zompist Bulletin Board (ZBB) that takes on the theme of the "Age of Sail." The original ZBB thread can be seen here: Istion - an Age of Sail Conworld.

If you have joined the project, please make sure you put down your ZBB and/or Wikia username, and preferably also the name of your conpeople/conculture/conregion below in the "Contributors, Regions, and People" section.

The PlanetEdit

Istion is a world in most regards like our earth. The main difference is that most of its surface, around 95%, is covered in water. This makes for a very particular climate, remarkable marine life, and distinct cultures inhabiting each of the islands that dot the world.

Major RegionsEdit

The PeoplesEdit

Many of Istion's societies have evolved with little contact with the outside world, especiall those more isolated from other landmasses. However, there are a number of broad linguistic regions and, to a lesser degree, cultural areas where a few traits are more common than elsewhere. During the last century there has been an unprecedented rise in transoceanic trade, partially brought about by new advances in navigation, which has broken the cultural, economic and political isolation of many of the regions of the world. There are few corners of the planet anymore where sailships haven't been seen. Some groups compete for global dominance, while others try to keep their old lifestyles intact, but more than ever before in the history of Istion, what happens in one place affects the rest of the world.

  • info about how each of the societies we have as of yet faces the incoming globalization and stuff.

World HistoryEdit

see Timeline of Major World Events in Istion ++migratory patterns and whatnot.

The LanguagesEdit

More information: Linguistic regions; ‹✝› indicates a dead language

Contributors, regions, and peopleEdit

  1. Torco and the Viraayon Authority
  2. Cybrxkhan and the Qicui city-states and kingdoms.
  3. Lyhoko (Leaci) and the Baktarci Empire
  4. Rorschach (alias Linguifex) and X!aǹækikk U
  5. Theta and the Liann
  6. Ollock (western part disputed)
  7. Astraios
  8. (Six)Valiums and the Ndōllerer, lands of the Ndōvyser.
  9. L'alphabētarium (a.k.a. The Glossophile) and the Reigh
  10. Amuere and the Kingdom of Cayreri
  11. Turtlehead and Turtazonya
  12. Jonzobean

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